Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Rimmel Moisture Renew Creamy Lipgloss

I picked up one of the new-ish Rimmel Moisture Renew Creamy Lipglosses recently. I picked the shade Pink Benefit #105 just to be safe. It is a very pale pink with a bit of shimmer. I believe at CVS it was $6.99 but of course it depends on your location and which store you go to (Walmart is usually cheaper but doesn't have the BOGO type of sales that CVS has). One of the major perks of this gloss is it has an SPF of 15. I wish more companies would put SPF in their lip products.
This has your typical doe-foot wand, however, like the Revlon Coloburst Glosses, is slightly bendy. This one fits on my lips better than the Revlon one and it seems a bit softer.
As I mentioned, Pink Benefit #105 is a very sheer light pink with a bit of shimmer. It's a nice safe color and probably works best over a lipstick. The formula of this is quite thin, not sticky at all, and moisturizing. I like this gloss...

except it stinks.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Moisture Renew Lipstick smell. But for some reason, the gloss scent sticks around a lot longer and it's stronger than in the lipstick and it seems they tried to cover the SPF smell more. I had my husband sniff it just cause I couldn't quite place the smell (he has a super sniffer). He said it smelled like roses or a type of flower and the SPF smell and I can swear there's a little eau de band aid. I almost wish Rimmel just left it as the SPF smell, at least that makes it a normal not great smelling thing that you're used to and can deal with. But the roses or tulips or whatever they are on top of the SPF... I'm not a fan.

So, if you can deal with having this right under your nose, than absolutely go for it. It's a really nice gloss otherwise. But if you don't like the sound of the above (well you should really still try it since I am a tiny bit dramatic and if you buy it at CVS, Rite Aid, etc you should be able to return) safely take a pass.