Monday, August 1, 2011

JT Asks: Link Loves Results

Thanks to everyone that took the little survey from my last JT Asks post. Instead of keeping the results of the survey to myself, I thought I would share the results with you all.

The responses were as follows:
I hate them!                                       6
I scan over them and don't read them 11
I have no real opinion of them            4
I love them! The more the better!       5
They help me find new blogs to read 19

For the negative/positive/neutral chart, I grouped the positive responses into "I love them! The more the better!" and "They help me find new blogs to read". Negative responses were "I scan over them and don't read them" and "I hate them!".

Most respondents only selected one option, 6 respondents selected more than one options.

I had a total of 38 participants; however, I'm fairly sure that google forms allows you to enter something twice so there could definitely be a margin of error with the results.

Basically, the conclusion is the grand majority of people like link loves. This actually surprised me from a blogging standpoint. I've stopped participating in the Beauty Blog Link Love just because it would almost pain me to post the long list on my blog. When it was smaller, there was a sense of community and I actually followed most if not all of my fellow link love posters. Now it just seems too big and mechanical to me. Just with any other extracurricular (if you will), I think stopping when it stops being fun is a good way to operate.

I've tossed the idea around of starting my own link love but until that comes to fruition, I won't be posting anymore in the near future.

Did the results from my survey surprise you? I'd love to keep an open dialogue regarding these issues.