Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: Yuko Aqua Gold Repair Through Leave-In Conditioner

I was recently sent the Yugo Aqua Gold Repair Through Leave-In Conditioner "for dry, sensitized, and damage hair". As many of you know, I have quite dry naturally curly hair which is prone to frizz especially during the humid summer months. So the fact that this was specifically made for my hair type made me quite excited.

I had previously used and raved about the Goldwell Sun Reflects Leave-in Conditioner. This one is very similar. The only major difference is this one is unscented (there is a smell to the product but it becomes nearly undetectable after application). While I was a fan of the citrus scent of the Goldwell, this one is a bit more convenient as it doesn't interfere with any perfume or fragrance you are wearing and if you are sensitive to scents in general, this would be a better and more accessible choice.

The spray deposits a fine mist and the product doesn't feel overly thick or sticky but somehow the moisture sticks around till the next time I wash my hair. When I spray it on my hand, it simply feels moisturizing and doesn't leave a residue and dries fairly quickly even without the addition of alcohol (which is great for all hair types).

The bottle retails for $24 and contains 6.8 ounces of product. It is available for purchase online as well as select salons throughout the US and Canada. I'll definitely be repurchasing and I actually prefer this over the Goldwell as it doesn't interact or clash with fragrances or lotions (and of course the fact that it isn't limited edition!).

Disclosure: This was sent by Yuko for review. All opinions are my own.