Thursday, November 17, 2011

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator

Even though I hastily made my purchase of the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator, I wasn't absolutely certain it would work on my skin tone. It looked awfully dark and quite gold. I am happy to report that the powder blends out beautifully and now I'm going to show you pretty pictures because I took about 20 right after opening the box. Basically, this post is to show you how gorgeous the powder and also to show you that it definitely works for pale girls!
Really, could it be anymore stunning? It has a rosy glow in certain lighting and I love how the texture looks, you can see that it's going to take quite a few uses for the pattern to wear away.
The full on swatch made me a little nervous, but you can see it applied more lightly to the right.
The right side of my hand has the illuminator and the left is bare skin. It definitely gives a goldy glow but it's not over the top or too yellow or metallic in my opinion.
Again in slightly different lighting.

So if you are pasty and were feeling unsure about the illuminator, I'd definitely recommend it if you're applying the powder in moderation. This is highly pigmented so if you're fair you'll need to be a bit careful but it blends beautifully and is far from chunky or glittery.

Not really a review as I haven't worn it yet but I hope this at least helps some of you!