Saturday, November 12, 2011

Makeup Rant: Sample Skincare Packets

I decided I was going to be good and not save some sample packets "for travel" as I rarely do anything more than my commute. After dispensing enough eye cream (er gel) to do both my eyes, I realized that the sample packet was still most of the way full. Of course, as I had ripped it to open it, there was no way to re-adhere it and it was starting to goop out the top either way. So I did what any sane person would do (or maybe not) and applied it all over my face. Speaking of which, there was enough in the little packet to do so. They do say that eye cream is just glorified face cream anyway!

I wasn't going to leave it open and let it expose the product inside to air. And it made me think how annoying those sample packets are. Had the company invested a couple more cents, they could have put the product in a little tube, or maybe a pot and then I could have used it for more than a day. As it stands, I won't really know how it performs and feel no great pull to buy it since you can't tell if something works if you only use it for a night.

Also, it was the the Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel which from briefly looking at the ingredient list seemed to be overpriced aloe vera gel with a couple additives and is insanely sticky. It was even very pale translucent green like aloe vera. Not impressed just in case you were wondering. Although... now I'm thinking of using aloe vera gel as eye cream, much cheaper than any alternatives! Take that Ole Henriksen!

Right. Do foil sample packets annoy you too or am I just being grouchy that I have yet more statistics homework to do tomorrow?