Friday, November 11, 2011

November Birchbox

I want to first apologize for my semi-absence. I've been stressing over grad school. You see, it's heading towards the end of the semester and I recently had a paper due in my statistics class worth 30% of my grade. The day after the paper was due, the professor decided to tell us what he wanted on the paper and as he was going through each item, I mentally went over how I failed to do each step he actually wanted. Anyway, he posted my grade on Wednesday, and I passed, but just barely. So, I'm feeling a little more calm and was pleased to see my Birchbox arrived in the mail. Just so you know, I have 2 reviews + giveaways to post about in the upcoming days (and do some more pesky homework). Anyway, onward.

I cheated and looked at videos and blog posts of the November Birchbox and I was feeling a little bummed, so when I opened this month's box, I was pleasantly surprised!
Inside was the following:
Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower .8floz (full size 3.4oz|$9)
LaRocca Skincare Champagne & Shimmer Body Polish .05oz  (full size 6.76oz|$35)
Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist 2oz (full size 250ml|$18)(travel size 2oz|$5)
Zoya Nail Polish in Noel .25oz (full size .5floz|$8)
treat Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker Chocopod
extra Bauble Bar Black Wood Pop Bracelet ($20)

So first of all, I love me a good scrub so I'm excited to try the LaRocca. Second, the Oscar Blandi is an actual retail size (I linked the Sephora listing for it - it's $5), third the Bauble Bar Bracelet has a retail value of $20 (and I'll admit it's pretty adorable)!!? So, I'm pretty happy with this month's box. Every other post I saw had completely different items in it. I hope some of you got mine cause it rocks.
I love the little bit of bling.

I did receive my QVC New Beauty Test Tube and eventually I'm going to do a comparison post between that and Birchbox. Honestly, I'm feeling Birchbox a little more. It might be because this month's box rocked but we'll see.

Apparently, the Bauble Bar bracelet was a prize for reviewing products on their site. It wasn't part of the November box. The first 10,000 subscribers to gather points in September and October had the chance to get this bracelet. Still, pretty nifty I actually was one of them! I always review the products on because you can rack up points to buy full sized products.