Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boscia GWP & Update

Boscia is running a cool promotion during the holidays. Every few days, they are offering a "stocking stuffer" gift with purchase offer. This weekend's is especially good because it includes  generous "samples" of the Luminizing Black Mask, the Clarifying Detox Mask as well as a full size of the Intensifying Moisture Pack with a $35 or more purchase (the two "sample" masks are practically 1/2 a full size). And for a limited time, they are offering free Peppermint blotting sheets with every order ($10 value). The blotting linens are good stocking stuffers themselves and the mask set and the linens would (in my opinion) make a pretty fabulous gift! Free shipping + their usual 3 samples with every order too makes the deal even sweeter.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far and I apologize for my sporadic posting. I am slowly getting over my case of walking pneumonia (so fun!) and also had some car troubles this week. I might have indulged a bit in the CVS beauty sale which if you haven't heard is currently going on now and Nouveau Cheap has an amazing master list of all the goodies you can get for a fraction of their normal retail price! There will be more posts in the near future.