Thursday, December 22, 2011

PSA DO NOT BUY THESE (Review CVS Nail Polish Remover Pads Regular)

It's seldom that I'll hate something so much, I'll feel the need to tell everyone about my disdain for a particular product. This is mostly because I know that even if I think something is horrible, there are plenty of people who probably love the product (ie. most color cosmetics, hair items, body moisturizers, etc). With this, really don't even bother trying it, especially if you're fair.

Let me explain.

I completely forgot to remove the very chipped fingernail polish that I was wearing before my meeting today. I'm taking on a new role at work and wanted to err on the side of caution. I figured I'd stop at CVS in the morning as I tend to do, purchase some nail polish remover and quickly take it off before getting into the office. These little pads looked perfect. There are 10 in the pack and one pad promises to be moist enough to do all 20 nails (tips and toes). The price wasn't amazing but at $4.49 it wasn't ridiculous. The convenience of the wipes plus little need for clean up made them ideal.

So I bought the pads, finished my drive to work, parked and got to it. I started removing the polish and the little red felt wipe was doing a great job until I realized something. It was turning my hands red. I couldn't very well stop at this point though. I had to finish the job.
I'm pretty sure I cursed. Just my luck that the pads dye your hands red!!!

So I got into work and shared my story with my coworkers. One of the male ones asked to see the pads and put it on top of a piece of paper. Yes, instant staining. How did the CVS quality control not catch this?!
In closing, don't buy these. Unless you want one of your worst enemies to be dyed pink while traveling.

Sorry for the iPhone pictures. It was the nearest photo taking device after my fingertips got dyed red!

For your information, my cuticles are still pink but most of the red got worn away after multiple hand washings. Still, the "For natural nails. Great for travel. Portable, quick & easy" claims are just kind of laughable at this point.