Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Impression: Broadway ImPress Press on Manicure #56897

As I mentioned in my Influenster Holiday Vox Box post, I've never used press-on nails before. I've been blessed with pretty decent nails. They aren't perfect, mind you - but I can grow them to a nice length and really have never had the need for press-on nails. Given that I have no expectations or preconceived notions about press-on nails, I thought I would share my first impression of putting these on. The ImPress nails promise a fast and easy application. I believe most press-on nails utilize a glue that needs to be brushed on, while these are basically a slightly thick sticker for your nail.
The individual nails come in a little nail polish shaped "bottle" complete with a cap which is pretty adorable.

I was able to find sizes that fit my nail beds but some are a tiny bit larger or a tiny bit smaller than I would have liked. Nonetheless, there were definitely enough choices for my nails.
Application was fairly easy. My only complaint was as more of the nails went on, the harder it was to pull the little tab so the adhesive was visible and could stick. It's a lot harder to grasp things with these nails, even if they are fairly thin and more pliable than I would imagine some press-on nails to be.

When all was said and done, I managed to get these on. Admittedly, it feels a little weird having these on my natural nails but I'll see how they wear and if I would consider wearing press-on nails in the future.

Disclosure: These were sent for review in my Holiday Influenster Vox Box.