Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Influenster Holiday Vox Box

My Influenster Holiday Vox Box recently arrived in the mail and here are the contents. As I've previously mentioned, Influenster is a website community and the more "influence" or reach you have, the more likely you are to receive these boxes. The idea is to try out the contents and spread the word regarding the products. When I opened the box I had mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely honored to receive these products for review; however, I already have the majority of these items in my house at this very moment (for example, I now have 10 bars of Softsoap Coconut Scrub soap - thanks Influenster? - it is good soap sothereyougo).
The contents spread out a bit. Included was:
* Larabar in Apple Pie (I have eaten my fair share of the peanut butter of these!)
* Montagne Jennesse Fruit Smoothie Mask
* Softsoap Coconut Scrub bar soap
* ImPress Press On Manicure
* New York Color (NYC) Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City
& Mentos Chewing Gum (my husband stole this when I got the package and it is now empty - he said it was very good!)

I've honestly never used press-on nails before but at least these came in an attractive, not over the top design.
The New York Color lip gloss is quite nice. It look as though they recently changed the packaging of these. The new long flexible want kind of reminds me of the Revlon Colorburst line. The color Nude York City is a sheer peachy nude with subtle shimmer.
So I've used everything before (aside from the press-on nails and the gum, can't chew, I have TMJ) and what I haven't (ie. gum) my husband has gleefully stole from my grasp (the tube in the above picture is empty). I'm now going to go eat that Larabar... mmm.

Disclosure: I received these items from Influenster however I've bought them as well (aside from gum, nails) so I like them. I am also very tired as work has been crazy and I doubt some of the sentences in this post make any sense.