Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bloggy News

Well, Happy Birthday to me! DH let me sleep late even though I have to finish my silly graduate final case study. Don't forget that my first giveaway ends tonight! I got my birthday gift already. It is two books that I've been wanting - no makeup, which is fine, I get enough myself as is! Tonight my parents are treating DH and I to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse (yum!) and then back to my parent's house for cake (super yum!). It was my Dad's Birthday yesterday so we are doing a joint celebration.

Oh, in actually blogging news, I've posted a picture of myself in my profile. I'm wearing my dear love *sniffsniff* Prescriptives custom matched foundation (slightly lighter and pinker than their lightest premixed shade).

Hope everyone has a great end to the weekend! I'll be back tomorrow posting the winner's name!


Lipglossiping said...

Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one :) xx

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lipglossiping: Thank you! It was great. =)

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