Saturday, November 7, 2009

Review: Alison Raffaele Soft Shadow

During the somewhat infamous 70% off sale, I selected a couple of items from the Alison Raffaele brand. This is one of the lines that almost no one talks about at least from what I've read on makeupalley or blogs.

I was seriously amazed when I opened up the package though. Note: Alison Raffaele shadows will cost you a pretty $19.50. I paid a mere $5.85 with the discount. I swear this line has some of the prettiest packaging ever. I kind of wish I had ordered a few more shades. I picked up Olive Shine and Amethyst. Even though the price is up there. These shadows are fairly sizable weighing in a .11oz or 3g (for reference MAC singles are only .05oz and $14.50).
As I said, the packaging is to die for. It is a decently sized and sturdy metal compact with a beautiful raised design on the top and a mirror inside. I'd call the color of the metal an icy purple? The powder inside is a slightly harder consistency. I found the olive color a bit more pigmented than the amethyst, though both are pretty. I have to admit, given that I work in an office, I don't really go for super pigmented shadows and go for more of an understated look. These are perfect. At first swipe they are soft and they can be built up for more intensity. And, did I mention the packaging? Oh, I did? It's bea-yoooo-tiful. Reminds me a bit of a celtic knot. Maybe it is, I'm not Irish.

Oliveshine: taupe with a slightly greenish cast

Amethyst: purple with a slightly silver cast

Pretty, huh? I believe the 50% sale is still going on in their Boutique. But be careful and make sure things have a little (included in boutique sale) sign next to them before you check out. does not break down how much things are in the basket or in order confirmation so you won't really know if something was not included in the discount unless you ask them. A tedious process that I know. Code is 50OFF.