Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello Winter! Goodbye Oil! Hello Scales!

So lately my skin has been rebelling. Not that it doesn't usually rebel, that's what you get (when you let your heart win wooah-oh-oh-ohh-oh). Anyway, not only do I suffer from atopic dermatitis, the occasional hormonal acne, keratosis pilaris and rosacea, oh no, that's not enough you say? No, I have some of the most sensitive skin ever (I guess that goes along with the great 4 skin issues above). In fact, a doctor of mine when I was growing up basically told me I couldn't shower everyday and that I couldn't take hot showers ever.

See, during the summer my skin is super oily and I'll be completely honest. I sweat so to wear anything more but some basic lip balm is just silly since It'll be all off by the time I step in the door at work anyway. During the winter it's flaky and dry and during the month or so in between... oh boy.

Right now, my skin is basically going "WTF". I was using my trusty Tweezerman Blackhead/Whitehead Remover AKA torture device on the top of my somewhat oily nose and noticed that the sides of my nose were flaky and dry. My cheeks looked like a disaster, red splotchy and dry; but my chin was oily and had a new colony of breakouts. And the biggest surprise of all, all but a few small patches on the forehead (dry and scaly) and the area right between my brows was oily, but that little spot at about a square inch was dry and peeling.


Here's the dilemma. Those "rich for winter" formulated items break out the oily part of my face. The for normal to oily skin dry out the dry areas and the sensitive stuff doesn't seem to do anything.

Lately, what have I found that works?

Murad face lotion(s) (for day): I got turned onto this stuff when I worked at ULTA, especially the pomegranate face moisturizer, which seriously worked on everyone's skin I applied it to. This stuff penetrated so quickly that if someone walked in with a dry flake that would be magnified with the BE foundation, I would apply a thick coating of this, wait a bit, remove the excess, and tada! no more dry patch. And it wasn't so rich that it aggravated oily skin. I've gone through several tubes of this myself.

Fresh Seawater and Iris Root Treatment Toner (for both): This is one of the only toners that I've tried that doesn't dry out my skin (and it takes off the excess makeup that my non oil based cleanser sometimes leaves behind). Of course Fresh discontinued this and of course it retailed for $62 which is insane. Thankfully, I happened upon this at a store at Union Station on super clearance for $5.99 a bottle and I cleaned them out. I have 4 backups and I'm about half way done with my first bottle. I adore this toner. It seems to bring all the service grime to the top. Using the Torture Device after applying this toner is super easy. There's a bit of a bubbling like feeling (not burning!) when you first apply it. It's actually very pleasant. Why do I always fall in love with discontinued products, why?

Philosophy Hope In A Jar (for night): I apply this on the extreme dry areas on my face at night and by the morning they are gone... until I step outside again of course. I use the regular version but I've heard good things about the sensitive skin version. I'm actually shocked that the fragrance hasn't been an irritation thus far.

What skincare changes do you have to make during the change of seasons and what works for you?

Disclaimer: What works for me might not work for you!