Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ELF Studio Sale

Ladies, for an undisclosed amount of time. The ELF studio line is 60% off on their site with the code EBNSTU60. Please note. It appears that the brush holders are not included in most (if not all) of the studio line sales. It didn't work for me when I made my order but apparently is working for everyone else. Guh!

I picked up a backup of the undereye concealer, the new lipbalm, the new brush cleaner, the new mineral face primer and the regular $1 line's new eye primer to compare to the mineral one that has many fans (myself included). I also bought another Studio Brush set to give as a Christmas gift. Shipping is an extra $6.95 under $75 and all orders that are over $25 quality for a free yearly subscription to Women's Health magazine. You can also now get FREE gift wrap with every ELF order.

Oh, and don't forget ebates!

Anyone ordering anything?

Another Edit: This is a ONE time use code. I tried to make another order to get the brush holders and it didn't let me use the code again. Poo!


Jasmine said...

So I learned about the 60% sale from your blog and OMG! Thanks so much! I absolutely love the studio line brushes. They are so smooth and were totally worth the whole $1.20 each I paid.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ Jasmine: YAY! I'm so glad you ordered. 60% off is quite a good deal on already inexpensive items (and they are actually decent quality too)! Maybe next time you'll get the primer as well. =)

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