Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So recall how I was all verklempt about 2 weeks ago reaching 7 followers and promised a giveaway after reaching 10. After a few days staggering around 9 I was thinking it would at least take a few more days to reach 10, but no, with my very very supportive blogging pals (I blame both of you for this sudden influx of people, in a good way!) Aly of The Gloss Menagerie and... er Nouveau Cheap of Nouveau Cheap!

12 followers I now have, I am holding a giveaway!

Here are the rules:
1. 1 lucky winner will receive everything in the picture below. To enter. Please post a comment to this entry telling me One thing you want to see on Jeweled Thumb (a specific post, request I review a certain item or be creative!)
2. You must be a follower of this blog to enter!
3. I will be shipping worldwide *clutches wallet* so my dear ladies across the pond can most certainly enter as well.
4. If you (re)post this on twitter or your own blog, you will receive an additional entry (please link me if this is the case in a separate comment).
5. This giveaway will take place between November 11th and November 22nd (my birthday) at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be picked the following morning since I go to bed way way way before 12am!
6. Winners will be picked randomly by
7. Now here's the one thing that is not particularly common on other blog giveaways. You do not need to leave an e-mail address for me to contact you. However, I will be posting the name of the winner (so at least give something descriptive and not anonymous when you post!) on the blog on November 23rd. You must contact me at within 48 hours with your mailing address. If not your win will be forfeited and I will pick a new winner.

Any questions?


The lucky winner will receive:
  • Bobbi Brown mini glitter lip gloss in baby pink
  • Stila full size lipglaze in Spiced Rum
  • Tony & Tina (long discontinued) cosmic lights (aka eye safe glitter) in Higher Love
  • Tarte mini glistening powder in sugar daddy
  • Maybelline pulse perfection mascara in blackest black
  • Too Faced lash gems
  • 3 Styli-Style line & seal liners: jade, bluestone, & navy
  • Broadway fashion diva nails (yes these have the skull & crossbones I'm not a fan of - hopefully one of you can rock them)


kenzie. said...

I would like to see a natural 5 min. work/school face. I apologize if you've already done this, I've just stumbled upon this blog from Nouveau Cheap's blogroll a few days ago, and I didn't know I could follow a blog unless I had one of my own!

Painted Native said...

I'd like to see a post about old-school beauty faves. Products you used when first using cosmetics, that you could still use today. Or favorite products that have been discontinued.

brenlorken said...

I second a natural 5 min work/school face. I would like to see a post on how you organize your make up and how it's stored.

Jasmine said...

I would love a post on how to determine your skin tone and figure out eye shadow colors that will compliment you best. Everyone asks "what is your skin tone" (warm or cool) and I am so lost! I feel like there are secrets I don't know!

~big hug from lost cause

Lipglossiping said...

Great giveaway, I would love to see a post on eyehadow application for different eye shapes (e.g. I have hooded eye lids and struggle terribly to achieve an even look) Tips for application would be awesome!

Lipglossiping said...

I wanted to add (and forgot) happy birthday for the 22nd, have a great one!

Lillian Funny Face said...

What i would love to see would be a post on eyeshadow blending. It's such an important part of eye makeup application and i can't do it. I've never seen a real tutorial either, people just say 'blend it out' and then magically manage to make their shadows look wonderful.
I hope you have a great birthday and thank you for the giveaway :)

Rachael said...

Maybe some posts on dupes/cheaper alternatives to high end lines/products??
While I would love to buy everything high end, I would need to find a sugar daddy in order to do so! So until that day or the day I lose my standards I will have to make do with my drugstore purchases.
le sigh...

Lisa said...

I agree on the dupes/cheap alternatives....I love to buy things that look high end but dont have the high end price tag....and I love drugstore deals to get my beauty fix.

All The Pretty Things said...

I'd love to see foundation reviews with swatches! I hate testing them in stores because I don't want to take my makeup off or end up with vertical streaks on my cheeks. I try to match without putting it on (MAC NC30)or getting a sample to try at home. Good swatches help me make a choice.

Lovely blog, by the way - looking forward to your future posts!


Y said...

Hi! Great blog! I would love to see some new eyeshadows and swatches! I'm always going online to find swatches only to see that the swatches are bad, washed out or only of the product itself. thanks so much!

- Y.S

Y said...

Hi! I also posted on my blog here:

Happy b-day!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im a new follower

i posted your giveaway HERE

i love that you post high-end & also drugstore brands.

is it possible for you to make a review of BB Creams?
if you have tried it, i would to read your thoughts about what BB Creams work for do you think it's ok for oily-skinned people, what undertone does it have, coverage...etc.

I have tried a couple haven't found the one that works for me yet. That's why im always on the lookout for BB cream reviews out there.

I'll be grateful if you could satisfy my endless curiosity about what/how BB creams works for others.

love taking a look at your archives!

Happy Birthday too,hun!
Hope you had a great celebration

Lilly said...

I'd like to see a makeup must-have list.
Congrats on your followers ^^ and thanks for this fab giveaway!

Nina said...

Hi! New follower here. I'd like to see a post of your favorite red lipcolors, from lipstick, glosses and liners. I am on a major red lipstick hunt and a post like this would be such a huge help! :)

Nina said...

I also tweeted:

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