Thursday, November 19, 2009

Makeup On The Move

On the train on my way to work this morning, I was sitting next to a lady that started applying her makeup. She whipped out her cosmetic mirror and some sort of moisturizer (maybe tinted? I didn't recognize the tube). Then she went right to lips, pulling out some Carmex in a pot first and then something else I recognized! Lola lipstick (who could miss the cute tube?)! It was nearly down to a little nub. Interesting how the non-makeup obsessed actually use things up, huh? She then proceeded to apply some lipliner. At that point I had to get off the train so I don't know if she did her eyes next (hope she didn't hurt herself).

Have you ever watched (out of the corner of your eye of course) someone apply makeup on public transportation (of even in their car driving - bad - don't do this!). Did you recognize any products?

Do you yourself apply your makeup on the way to school or work?

Personally, I'm a bit clumsy so I'd probably drop everything or poke my eyes out. The only thing I do is maybe reapply the lip product that I'm wearing that day or some lotion for my hands. I also like good lighting when I do my makeup and an overcrowded train on a dreary rainy day (like today) doesn't quite provide that.


Lillian Funny Face said...

Once i watched a woman putting on mascara on a train. It fascinated me because she put on about 10 layers and took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

I often put on my makeup on the move. I've been doing it for years so i can do it fairly well, but eyeliner is really scary!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lillian: OMG mascara on the train?! I'd seriously stab myself in the eye several times!

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