Monday, November 23, 2009

So Long Farwell Ahbeitezang* Goodnight

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight...

Or, I'm leaving on a Jet Plane...
'cept I'll know when I'll be back again.

My husband makes fun of me mercilessly since I'm basically a human jute box. I have this "talent" to memorize songs and recall them just by someone saying a phrase from them - I still remember a song I sang in Middle School (I'm now 26 so that was quite a few years ago).

Anyway, it's true. DH and I are going down to Georgia to visit his parents. I adore them and desperately need the respite. I'll be back on Sunday.

I do have a post planned for my return. I happened to find the Wet N Wild holiday palettes in my local CVS today and of course I bought both of them. So, swatches and my thoughts on my grand return!

I hope (my US followers) have a great Thanksgiving!

* Disclosure: I had to google how to spell this.