Friday, November 20, 2009

My Zoyas Arrived!

My free Zoya Hot Lips arrived today! And this is the perfect excuse to take a break from my final exam case study of doom for graduate school to take pictures, swatch and review these bad boys! First of all, Zoya Hot Lips retail for $6.95 which is around what you'd pay for a lipgloss at the drugstore (probably less in some cases). They are short and stout and really filled to the brim. I was actually worried I'd pop one while I was squeezing out the gloss.
Zoya markets these as a lip treatment. I haven't actually put them on my lips yet but on my hand they appear a tiny bit sticky, a bit thick and moisturizing. There is a sweet smell that seems familiar but I can't quite place it (*edit* I figured it out. It smells exactly like Lancome's Spring Fling juicy tube - ie raspberry hard candy). I "bought" 3 colors: Babydoll (a very light pink -no shimmer), Disguise (deep cherry red - no shimmer), and Luck (a mauvey pink - subtle shimmer).
I was a bit worried looking at the website photos, that these wouldn't have an applicator since the bottoms are flat, however, I was happy to see upon opening them that there is a rounded applicator (not as great as slanted flat tip but better than none for sure).

I'm quite pleased with the colors and think they will work well for my skin tone. I have fairly pigmented lips so I think Disguise as a stain would be lovely and probably Luck would be a nice everyday MLBB color (it's very close to my natural lip color with a dash of shimmer)

Can you tell I'm NW10 or less? Yes, my hand is nearly white and that's without the flash!

Did you participate in the Zoya Hot Lip promotion? What colors did you haul?


Lipglossiping said...

Haha, do you glow in the dark too?

Those look great, but boo on the applicators, looks like it'd be a messy application. Zoya don't ship to the UK :( I've been lemming the polishes for ages!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lipglossiping: Yes, that would be the cool way of saying that I rarely find a foundation match! =)

It's not too bad since they are very thick, but I'd prefer a slant tip myself. If you ever need a CP for Zoya let me know. =)

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