Saturday, October 22, 2011

Favorite Fragrances

I've hinted here and there about some of my top fragrance choices. In general, I tend to prefer warmer scents. I gravitate towards scents with main notes of vanilla but I'm not a fan of smelling like a cupcake. I thought I would share some of my top fragrance choices and since the weather has gotten a bit cooler, I'll bet I'll forget to mention some of my summer picks.
The scent that I've been reaching for lately with the pretty significant weather change here has been the Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria Comfort Body Mist: Warm Vanilla. Even though this is technically a body mist and not an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, this has amazing lasting power. I apply right before dressing around 6am and it's still around when I get ready for bed around 9pm. Unfortunately, this particular scent is discontinued and Victoria's Secret has a habit of discontinuing all of their vanilla scents but Vanilla Lace and Amber Romance are also quite nice.
One of my mainstays is Philosophy's Falling in Love which smells of vanilla & blackberry. This is quite a sweet scent but something that I wore everyday for years. I discovered this in college. Actually, a bit of a story. I think it was my sophomore year that Philosophy offered an amazing promotion of a bottle of this and the shower gel free with any purchase. As I was a poor college student, I didn't usually spring for fragrance but the deal was too good so I got it. I fell in love with the fragrance and have gone through countless bottles of this ever since. I also wore this when I met my husband so he considers this "my" fragrance.
Lolita Lempicka's L eau de parfum is a fragrance I started wearing when I worked at ULTA. Before each shift, I'd walk over to the perfume area, spritz my pulse points with this and then spray Kenzo Amour generously all over. The slightly smoky smell of this mixed with the Amour smelled absolutely delicious. I don't currently own a bottle of Kenzo Amour but it is also one of my favorites. L reminds of me cigar smoke, in a pleasant non-cough-inducing way and also like the first whiff of a Diet Vanilla Coke (which I think they stopped making). Either way, it smells really good and is definitely a more grown up vanilla.

I think that's enough vanillas for now, don't you (though there are plenty of honorable mentions I've not mentioned)? I thought I'd mention two scents that I adore that are no longer available and are slightly different from my normal picks.
I've been shopping at The Body Shop for years as I've mentioned and now you probably believe me as I have a long discontinued but much loved bottle of The Spirit of Moonflower. This I keep stowed away, safe from light and it still smells good and I wear it occasionally. This is one of the few floral scents that I can tolerate and is a great day time scent. Not too powdery, not too sweet, I am still mad at The Body Shop for discontinuing this. I wore this during high school, early college and have gone through multiple bottles.
Fresh Memoirs of a Geisha came out in 2005 with the Memoirs of a Geisha movie (clearly) and was a great light summer fragrance that I still love. It's not quite as sour as their Sake fragrance and is nice and light, great for spring and summer days. I've gone through quite a few bottles of this too, even though it's not my usual fragrance.

Ever since I worked at ULTA in the mid 2000s, I have definitely branched out from my usual mainstays; not to mention the going from a bottle or two of fragrance into a collection. These days, I tend to repurchase my favorites that can still be bought fresh and buy new scents that I enjoy in rollerball format or at the most, the 1 ounce sizes.

What are some of your favorite perfumes?