Friday, October 28, 2011

Review: Bumble & Bumble Tonic Shampoo

As you may remember, I got the Bumble & Bumble Tonic Shampoo for an amazing price at Big Lots, $6 versus the $22 the bottle is normally. Sephora describes it as a "daily, stimulating cleanser" that is meant to combat dandruff and "invigorate" the scalp. I've gone over my hair issues before. I have dry, thick hair. Unfortunately, the skin issues I've mentioned before are a major issue on my scalp and I either use scary prescription strength steroid ointments or make do with slightly more abrasive shampoos and heavy conditioners. My holy grail shampoo is The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo which I've also mentioned before. But finding a high end brand at Big Lots in a product you would actually use is so momentous that I had to buy it.

I find this a lot more stripping than The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care. It tingles more and my hair is "squeaky clean" after washing it out. Personally, with my hair as dry as it is, I can't use this daily as Sephora recommends and instead, I've been alternating it with a regular shampoo. As it is, I do not wash my hair everyday so I use this probably twice a week. It is your standard tea tree anti-dandruff formula (another reason I like TBS's as it smells like ginger - something other than tea tree oil for once!) and is a slightly thicker gel (the TBS is more runny). It definitely tingles and you can feel it a bit after showering which is refreshing.

I feel the price is a bit ridiculous, but then again, it is Bumble & Bumble. I'd probably recommend it if you have dandruff and oily hair. My dry hair doesn't like it so much. I have noticed that my scalp has stayed slightly less itchy but my scalp probably got used to the TBS as I haven't mixed it up in awhile. Either way, you'd be hard pressed to find me paying full price for this. There are tons of tea tree oil shampoos out there that do the same job and are probably less stripping to boot!

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