Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Current Fave: Mango Mend

Early on in my blogging "career" if you will, I mentioned the California Mango products. Since then I have continued to use them especially the Mango Mend around my cuticles at night time. While the product comes in a giant vat of a tub normally, every so often they come out with reasonably sized tubes (this one is about the size of my palm). This does an excellent job of softening the cuticles and the skin around my nails and stops hang nails as well. I can tell I really like this because in a fit of unrestful sleep, I managed to knock this off my nightstand and missed it enough to spend a good 20 minutes looking for it and moving it from underneath my bed back to its proper location. Yes, it's a bit greasy and takes some time to sink in completely but it really works. If you have a Sally's near by, I'd definitely look out for the tubes (they generally come out around the holidays) though you can find the regular vat on sites like Amazon (and also on the Sally's website).