Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Babor Camouflage Cream in Ivory

As someone that has porcelain skin, I am always on the lookout for the best concealer that actually works with my skin tone. Most concealers are far too dark and wind up simply drawing more attention to blemishes. The ones that I find are light enough are usually thin concealers meant for the under eye area.

In my last Bloom order, I stumbled across the Babor Camouflage Cream and I decided to give it a shot. With Bloom's return policy, I really couldn't go wrong and the price was nice. At $14 for 4.5 grams it's a very reasonably priced concealer from a higher end line. I picked the shade Ivory #6 - the lightest they carry.
The packaging is pretty minimal, the product comes in a plastic jar with a screw top lid. It's very similar to how professional makeup lines tend to look - nothing fancy.
The shade Ivory is a milky yellow and the little pot is literally filled to the brim. There's a white cover over the product so the concealer doesn't get on the lid itself.
As you can see, this is a very pigmented product. It promises to hide discolorations while still looking natural and is smudge proof and waterproof. I've found this is the perfect color for blemishes. And it isn't too dark, too yellow or orange for me.
I've demonstrated a bit with a scar on my hand. Granted, after quickly applying the concealer, the area around the scar now looks much redder, but I hope you can see the subtle difference. Now you can only see the outline of the darkest part of the scar. You should be able to see where I applied the concealer on my hand but not in a cakey way.

If you are pale like me, I'd definitely give this a shot, especially if you have ruddiness or break outs. As I said, most concealers are too dark. I can't wear MAC concealers and the Vichy Opal long-wear one is much too dark as well. Don't even get me started on Lancome or Estee Lauder or any drugstore brands!

I've kind of dubbed this the long-wear high pigmented concealer for pale girls.

Disclosure: This post includes my referral link to Bloom. I've spent... ahem quite a lot of money on that site already and have had nothing but good experiences.