Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Target Beauty Bag Arrived

My Target Beauty Bag arrived in the mail today. I was pretty excited. I love getting mail and who doesn't love free stuff!? Anyway, would it be awful and/or annoying to say I was a little disappointed that Maybelline palette that they showed in the original photo wasn't in it? I mean, did I really expect them to put in a full size item? Not really but it would have been nice! Either way, the bounty:
Mostly haircare samples. What I'm most excited about is the coupon book. With the last beauty bag, I got some awesome steals using these coupons on some clearance items. There's even a Sonia Kashuk coupon and Target rarely puts those out! The bag is adorable and I love the print so I'm still pleased and again, who doesn't love free stuff?!

Did you get one of these in the mail?