Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in #10 Almost Famous

Whenever I go to ULTA, which I have been visiting lately more often than I should due to their awesome promos, I always pass by the Essence stand, especially if I'm looking for something cheap to get me to the dollar needed to use one of the drugstore coupons. One day I saw this and picked it up. I thought that this long lasting eye pencil in the light pink color would be perfect for the waterline and at $1.99 it's not exactly breaking the bank.
The shade Almost Famous #10 comes packaged in a slim light pink twist up pencil containing .01oz of product. It's basically a pearlescent pink color, very reminiscent of the Benefit Eye Bright chubby pencil.
This is a horrible swatch as it is not a true color representation, but it took me forever to get one that showed up and focused so it's staying!
The difference from the Benefit is this one does have some glitter in it, which I discovered upon removal. Not truly an issue as the pencil isn't terribly soft and is much better suited to the upper lashline. If you like the wide eyed brightening color peeking through your lashes like I do, then you will love this pencil. And it literally stays on all day.
I applied this morning around 7am and I literally just took this picture (it's 8pm) and as you can see, the liner is still going strong! Definitely impressive for $1.99.

Don't forget that if you received an ULTA circular and live in the region where you accrue points to take dollars off a purchase, there should be a 10x multiplier coupon good till the 6th for you to use on your purchases. Spending around $30 should net you just over 1200 points which is good for $10 off your next purchase unless you save them for a larger splurge!