Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Current Skincare Routine

I thought I would do a post on my current skincare routine because my skin has never looked better. I haven't broken out in anything more significant than a clogged pore which presents itself as a tiny pin-sized whitehead that you can't even see unless you look up close for weeks now. I must be doing something right! As a beauty blogger, I try lots of skincare. Some is sent for review, some I buy myself. The whole reason I started a new routine (which is really a piecemeal of old routines) was to use some products up so this was all by chance. The interesting thing is, my routine concoction is from many different lines; in fact, I'm not sure there's a repeat among the lot!

For reference, my skin is dry, sensitive and prone to breakouts around the time of the month. I do not suffer from "acne" but have seborrhoeic dermatitis which can sometimes mimic acne.
First I remove my makeup. I start with my eye makeup remover, the ever reliable Make Up Forever Sens'Eyes, reviewed here. This takes every lick of mascara, liner and eyeshadow off my eyes and doesn't irritate them. Then I move in with the NYX Makeup Remover Gel Type reviewed here all over the face if I'm wearing a long-wearing foundation or only between around the eyebrows or other particular dry spots if I'm not. I know that sounds a little weird but I noticed I was getting breakouts between my eye brows because foundation was sticking to them even after using a makeup wipe and cleansing my face. The same tends to happen on dry spots or around the hairline for me so I make sure the foundation is long gone before moving on with my routine.
Then I remove all of my face makeup off with the Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues or any other makeup wipe I'm currently testing out (or got on sale). If I applied the NYX Makeup Remover Gel Type, that also comes off with the wipe.
At night, unless I'm showering, I've been using my H2O Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser reviewed here. I don't usually wash my face in the morning but instead go over it with the Vichy Cleansing Micellar Solution (and 2-3 cotton pads so I ensure I'm not rubbing dirt and remnants of moisturizer all over my face) reviewed here. If I haven't overslept (rare) or am not feeling lazy (even more rare), I'll cleanse with the H2O in lieu of the Vichy. The H2O is nearing the end of the tube and it has lasted forever even with daily use! You seriously only need a tiny bit of this to cleanse your face.
For exfoliating purposes (which I tend to do in the shower), I alternate between the MAC Microfine Refinisher reviewed here (and discontinued, I'm working off of backups) and The Body Shop Vitamin Cleanse Face Polish. The Body Shop is the discontinued version and more of a regular facial wash than a heavy duty scrub. So it's perfect for the alternate days where I don't want the heavy duty scrubbiness of the MAC.
With the weather change, my skin has been particularly parched, so as a moisturizer I have been using the Lancome Nutrix Soothing Treatment Cream reviewed here which is very rich but has made my skin look fantastic! It's nearly out and I'll be switching over to the H2O Sea Pure Deep Moisture Cream which I bought another jar of after my "for review" version was finished.

As far as extras are concerned, you should all know by now that for blemishes I absolutely swear by the Sircuit Skin Fixzit Blemish Drying Serum and when I remember to apply something underneath my eyes, it's usually the Garnier Eye Roller. As far as masks and stuff is concerned, I try out new things all the time and very rarely rebuy the same mask twice!

What's your skincare routine?

Disclosure: Received the H2O items for review.