Monday, January 2, 2012

Cleanser Hunting

I'm currently on the hunt for the Best Cleanser Ever (TM). I've used quite a few and there's several I've liked but for some reason, I feel this urge to find a new even better one.

I'm hoping to find a double duty cleanser that also aids in makeup removal. As a drier skinned (especially in the winter) person, this is apparently quite a feat as most of the gentle cleansers I've tried do not remove makeup.

Recently, I've tried two cleansers that are supposed to be good for those with all skin tones (if not specifically for dry skin) and remove makeup. I thought I'd share my thoughts just in case you are in a similar boat.
I know quite a few people rave about Philosophy Purity Made Simple. It promises to dissolve dirt and makeup while still soothing dry and sensitive skins. The scent wasn't something I was expecting but it did a good job of cleaning my face, didn't burn my eyes and managed to remove the majority if not all of my makeup. Only problem is immediately after washing my skin was dry, not just dry, but visibly flaky, especially around my nose and cheeks.
The Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel was recommended to me by a Sephora sales associate when I mentioned that I was looking for a cleanser that removed makeup but that Purity was drying for me. I expressed my concern of the "purifying" part of the name as that is generally a no-no for drier skin types. She indicated that it was for all skin types but would make me a sample. Well, surprise surprise, I tried it out and my skin felt very tight after finishing my cleanse. Can't speak for the makeup removal properties as I didn't wear makeup the day I tried it out.

Next on my list to try is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser which I received a sample of from the (speaking of which, very nice) Sephora sales associate. Sephora really needs to do a better job of training their staff as she indicated that it was all natural and free of parabens. The ingredient list shows 5 different parabens - this sort of thing doesn't bother me but I'm sure it bothers some!

As I have my HG eye makeup remover already, Makeup Forever Sens'Eyes, I don't need it to dissolve waterproof eye makeup and mascara the way the Makeup Forever does, but removing foundation would be a plus so perhaps one day I can remove the wipes from my routine entirely and do a double cleanse with my cleanser (definitely better for the environment).

Any cleansers you love?