Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make It Work

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the Philosophy Purity cleanser (it is drying on me), it's a decent cleanser and absolutely fine if I moisturize after and also I have a 12oz bottle from the Sephora F&F 100 point perk sitting around to be used. I was determined to use this cleanser but the packaging was really bothering me as the flip top on a bottle of that size isn't really the best.

The other day, I happened into a Bath & Body Works and on the 75% off table, I saw a pump. Granted, I could always purchase one off of the Philosophy website but there I would need to pay shipping and I also couldn't confirm whether any of the normal sized bottle pumps would actually fit the slightly awkward 12oz bottle. Pump bought for all of 25 cents, I went home fairly pleased with my cleverness.

I got home and stuck my pump in the bottle only to find that the pump itself wouldn't unlock. Read a couple of reviews online of people having similar issues but kept trying. About 20 minutes later and having attempted to utilize various tools, I gave up, cleaned the pump and set it aside. The next day, I went into a Bath & Body Works, gave them the pump, and the sales associate said that she had heard of quite a few people having issues with the pumps and demonstrated how to unlock it. I gasped. I then thanked her profusely, went home and secured the pump on my Purity bottle. It's not an exact fit, but it fits fairly snugly and works quite well!

For reference, to unlock these Bath & Body Works pumps, one needs to hold the bottom portion firmly and then spin the top and it will pop up.
If you have the same sized bottle and were as frustrated as I was, go to your Bath & Body Works store and grab yourself a pump for 25 cents and before you leave, you might want to ask your local sales associate to unlock the pump for you.