Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner Duo

I was recently sent a new product from the Laura Geller line to try out as part of the Beauty Stat Blogger program. The Inkwell Waterproof Gel Line Duo is a new launch in the line for 2012 and priced at $33 for 2 gel liners.
The cool thing about this product is that there is a liner brush housed with each gel liner. One of the reasons I don't use gel liners is that I need to go digging for a brush and it's not very travel friendly. This solves that particular issue (it should be noted that other lines are coming out with similar products, Revlon just launched one that is ~$10 at drugstores). The $33 covers a basic black liner as well as a slightly more out there color (the purple in this case though I hope she comes out with more color combinations).
Each little pot comes with 2.5 grams of product and comes in a sturdy plastic jar.
The basic black cream isn't very special but it is more of a matte or satin which is a nice departure from some of the more shiny black liners out there. The purple is really nice, it definitely has a shimmer to it which sometimes looks a bit blue. It stays fairly neutral and I think it will look good with most skin and eye colors.
The brush itself can be short if you remove the top part or longer depending on your preference. Personally, I like a shorter brush as I feel it allows me more control when I'm drawing my line. This isn't a great picture to show the brush as it looks like a thin liner brush. It kind of looks like a very small lip brush which is great for thin liner (as you can turn it on its side) or a slightly thicker liner if applying liner with the brush flat.
As far as pigmentation is concerned, the purple liner is lacking but it can be built up. In this case, I did run into a little transferring on my upper lid while I waited for it to dry. The black did a bit better in that regard. The texture of these is very soft which makes application easy but I did feel I needed to wipe some of the product on the side of the jar so I didn't wind up with a big goopy brush. Application with the included brush was very easy once coated evenly with product; I was able to do a wing with ease. I found these wore evenly throughout the day with minimal flaking.
Feel free to ignore the colors being off in this picture. I was tired as it was the end of the day and I just wanted a clear picture. I am horrible at taking clear "face of the days" as my hands get shaky and so the photo is nearly always out of focus! You can see that the liner lasted really well though.
As you can see (as the color is a bit more true in this picture), it's just purple enough to be purple without being 'wham!' in your face purple.

I think these are a nice addition to the Laura Geller line and I'm hoping they pop up in one of her Today Special Values on QVC. I also wish she sold these separately as well. Not everyone needs another black liner. For me personally, I'm not sure if I'd go out of my way to repurchase but if they came in a TSV in the near future, I certainly wouldn't complain!

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Disclosure: This product was received for review purposes as I'm part of the Beauty Stat Blogger Program.