Sunday, January 29, 2012

CVS Beauty Steals (Salma Hayek + Physicians Formula)

There are quite a few bloggers that post the weekly store sales, Nouveau Cheap being my favorite but I thought I'd write a quick post for the 2 deals this week that I think you should definitely consider purchasing.

The first is the Physicians Formula deal, buy $10 worth, get $7 in Extrabucks back. Clearly this deal is already awesome. There are quite a few products in the Physicians Formula line that are just over or at $10. Here's how to make this deal even more awesome.

If you are a member of the CVS Beauty Club and/or subscribe to their e-mails (and if you aren't and have a CVS near you, you should be - you get $5 Extrabucks for every $50 you spend on beauty automatically on top of the promotions and sales), you should have received a 25% coupon in your e-mail box on the 26th (check spam). Now, these percentage off coupons are tricky because they don't work on anything on sale. I long disregarded them as I rarely buy full priced items at CVS. However, these coupons work on non-reduced Extrabucks back deals. For instance, I bought a Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Blush (which the Muse reviewed favorably here) in Natural for just over $13. There was a sticker on it for $3 off. My 25% off coupon also applied to the original price.

Full price $13.50
- 25% off brought it down to $10.13
- $3 off coupon bright it down to $7.13
And then I got $7 Extrabucks back making it 13 cents after EB!

Depending on what you buy, you could make out ahead but I really wanted to try one of these new Matchmaker pH line products!

The next deal is the Nuance by Salma Hayek line is buy $20 worth, get $10 in Extrabucks back. I used this as an excuse to pick up a couple more of the face wipes that I reviewed here. So I bought 2 packs of face wipes and a travel size hair cream to get me to $20 (actually $20.88 if you want to be precise), used my 25% coupon, that brought the total down to $15.66 and I received $10 in Extrabucks back! Making each pack just under $3 after EB.

Definitely work the sales to your advantage. Happy shopping!