Saturday, January 21, 2012

CVS Milani 75% off Sale + Haul

Thanks to Nouveau Cheap, I found out that CVS has put quite a bit of the Milani line on clearance at 75% off (my CVS wasn't marked but the price scanner confirmed the discount so scan if you're unsure). I was pretty well behaved and only picked up 4 items, the HD Advanced Concealer which I have been wanting to try but not at nearly $10 regular price, the Liquif-eye Metallic Eye Liner in Silver, the Nail Lacquer Neon in Techno Red, and the Lip Mixer in Lip Party. Milani products rarely go on sale more than B1G150% so this is great if you've been wanting to try some things. Definitely check the list before you go or pull it up on your iPhone like I did! Happy shopping.