Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dusty Hunting - I Found One!

Yet another thing most "normal" people haven't heard of before. Dusties are stores that may collect dust and typically have old(er) nail polishes for sale for cheap. Honestly, I thought none in existed in Maryland, but I've been making a point to stop in the little beauty shops that are spotted on major roads around where we live (and believe me, there are a ton) when I have the time and energy and tonight I finally found one.

Many of the beauty shops around here actually charge more than regular retail stores for some polishes (for instance, I found Sinful polishes at one shop for $2.50 when they retail for $1.99 at Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS). What a bargain!

The store I stopped in tonight was mostly a wig shop but they did have some polish displays around the store. I found Sinful, a basket of 2/$1 Wild N Crazy polishes and some polishes by a brand called NK which is popular with some nail enthusiasts.

NK - these were $1 each
green apple (baby blue with green shimmer), purple magic, aquamarine, after dark, metallic noir, champagne beige
Sinful Colors - these were $1 each
purple blue glitter (this one the purple is more reddish), pearl harbor, purple blue glitter (this one the purple is more bluish), agaci, midnight blue
agaci, midnight blue, sheer lavender, berlin wall, glitz
Wild and Crazy - these were 2/$1 or 50 cents each
W90 Jack's Kiss, W18 Larousse, W208 Wasabi, W61 Purple Glitter (2x), W99 Whatever, W15 Leon, W197 Fashion Colony, W93 U-Rock, nameless

After I paid for my 24 polishes (~$20), I went back to my car, sat down and did a little, "I found a Dusty!" dance. No joke. I was super excited.

Now I ask those of you local, have you ever found a dusty? Willing to share it's location? And for the rest of you, do you have a dusty you frequent for awesome deals? Share your cheap hauls.


spifftiff88 said...

um WOW, what amazing prices! I wish we had stores like that around here..

ps I got my prize today, Thanks so much!


Jeweled Thumb said...

@Spifftiff88: You probably do. Mine was super hidden and was a wig shop. =)

Yay! Enjoy everything. Thank you for being so patient.

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