Sunday, March 14, 2010

NOTD: Borghese Espresso Brown F

It's been a very sad couple of weeks here at JT HQ. My nails keep on snagging on things and breaking off completely. So I finally gave up and cut all of them short so I could paint them without them looking very uneven and weird. Since they are short, I decided to do a dark manicure. I dislike having really short nails, and only partially because putting polish on them is so difficult.

Anyway, this is 2 coats of Borghese Espresso Brown F (plus top coat). I'm starting to get used to the brush and I think it was actually kind of helpful for the short nails unlike other brands with the super long somewhat floppy brushes.

I miss my long nails! Hopefully they'll grow back soon. Even though patience is a virtue, I have none of it.