Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet The Reader Day

Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of my very first readers (I think she said she was #14) as she was in the area for a conference. Even though there were some issues in me getting into downtown DC (Metro is fairly unreliable and I stupidly (?) thought it couldn't take me over an hour to get there - oh wait, think 2.5), we finally met up, I grabbed a coffee as I was parched and we sat down to talk. I had a great time and my husband was super thrilled when I returned home with a bag full of Hawaiian treats (which he soon hid out of view from my parents who were arriving shortly).

Anyway, first some link love for her. Go read her blog. It's awesome.
Wait, what?
HER BLOG! Click now.
Moi? Obnoxious?

And I'll leave you with what she was drinking while I inhaled my caffeinated beverage. 
Yup, good 'ol Deer Park! I really should follow suite.

Anyway, even though she won't be reading this for a few days, Jasmine, it was absolutely fantastic to meet you and I had so much fun today, even with the public transit issues.