Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: Cover Girl Lash Exact

Oh Dollar Dollar Tree
Do have you a deal for me?
I've been good and you'll agree
Bet you have some pretties.

Wow, I'm apparently the biggest dork in the world because randomly, I'll start thinking of a song or jingle about quite random stuff. It amuses my husband but not sure how it'll go over here. Anyway, I'm sure by now you've figured out what this post is about.

I try to stop by at least 1 of the maybe 5 or so Dollar Trees or dollar stores around me a week. They usually get new stock on a weekly basis and you never know what you might find. In this case, I almost couldn't believe it when I encountered probably 40 tubes of Lash Exact mascara.

A side note: I'm well aware that the stock carried in dollar stores might be old. I'm willing to risk the $1 plus tax to try them out for myself and usually I stick to buying nail polish, which can be easily thinned out. 

Back to the fun stuff. I was so excited, I didn't really read the packaging and grabbed a few tubes for myself. I've never tried Lash Exact but I've heard fairly decent things about it and in the worst case scenario I'm out a couple of dollars and still about half the price that I'd be out at a regular drugstore.

Even though packaging can make me spend more money than I really should on other products, I tend to keep it simple with mascara. I generally only buy drugstore mascara and I really don't have a HG (holy grail) product. I use what's on sale. I do enjoy the simple, yet sturdy and lovely purple tube that Lash Exact comes in and I do really like the rubber brush. While I found Maybelline's Define a Lash (green tube) rubber brush a bit too floppy (it bended as it combed through the lashes which didn't yield me the most control), this one is pretty firm. It gives you quite a bit of control as you brush the mascara through your lashes and it does a great job of separating them while still giving them a bit of volume.

I was really pleased with the way this performed. Even though it's not marketed as a waterproof formula, for the week I've worn it, it didn't flake on me even when worn for upwards of 10 hours. I didn't get raccoon eyes even though my eyes are prone to watering thanks to allergies or the cold. I was quite pleased with the dollar or so I spent.
It also came off easily with makeup remover and I didn't wind up with little smudges of mascara around the base of my lash line the next morning (I sometimes have this problem with other waterproof mascara no matter what remover I use!).

Anyway, everything was great. I didn't even bat an eye(lash) when the cotton square I used to remove it was blue.

Then I looked at the wand.
Oh, I exclaimed! The wand just must be blue (after I had noted the wand was black when I first opened up the packaging - the wand comes separate from the mascara). 

Ok, well, in my excitement, I didn't realize that Dollar Tree had about 40 tubes of BLUE Lash Exact. Probably overstock that doesn't sell quite well from a drugstore. Or maybe Cover Girl has discontinued the color.

Not as though I'm complaining. It turns to a deep navy when it dries and you can barely tell it's blue (it's not electric blue or anything) and navy brings out my brown eyes. 
So even though I didn't realize what color I was actually wearing until 5 days into wearing this mascara, I'm still quite happy with it and would repurchase. Though next time I'll read the packaging a bit more carefully.


Anonymous said...

How I wish I could get a mascara for a peso only! Or even a dollar would be cheap! Anyway, I love this colour, it's not black but I think it works! Good buy!

So Very Fabulous said...

Nice find! I've actually been wanting to try a blue mascara. I don't think that they have blue anywhere I've seen, but maybe I'll double check. I have this in Very Black and it's not bad. :)

Porcelaine said...

Me too. I wish i could get a mascara for an aussie dollar but we have no such shops like the ones you've mentioned. we also don't have a wide range of brands :(

Lesley said...

I love navy mascara! it really does look great with brown eyes.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Marce: If it makes you feel any better, it's seldom that I'll actually find something decent at the dollar store. Usually it's super old makeup or off-branded which I have no interest in.

@So Very Fabulous: This blue is quite nice. As I mentioned, it dries more black than it even looks on the wand. Nice and subtle and even work appropriate! I'd buy it again even closer to the retail price.

@Porcelaine: I've heard of the insane mark up that you guys have to deal with. It's ridiculous.

@Leslie: Yup! Navy really makes brown eyes pop without looking over the top. =)

Jasmine said...

lol, this post made me giggle. You have a way with words that makes the reader feel like they are the ones picking up the goodies. Great post!

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