Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chanel Glossimers

One of the my first loves was lip gloss. Well, lip balm really, but for someone like me that suffers from extremely dry lips they are a necessity and what's more fun than lip gloss? Shh - you're not allowed to answer that! I've tried my fair share of different brands and types, sticky ones, sheer ones, glossy ones, ones that make my lips look enormous and glassy. There are some that I keep coming back to. For those of us on a budget, I adore L'oreal Colour Riches and when I feel like being spendy, I get Chanel Glossimers.

I had heard so many great things about this product but I ignored it because I promised myself I would never spend $27 on a lip gloss. Well, obviously I didn't keep my promise. I have 2 and I love them both.
Coral Reef and Unity. Coral Reef is a sheer peachy color with gold shimmer and Unity is on the mauvey side. What I love about them is they manage to be slightly thick but still moisturizing and not sticky. You also can't feel any shimmer between your lips which is sometimes an issue with other brands.
Do you have any Chanel Glossimers? What do you think?


Makeup Geisha said...

I only have one Chanel Glossimer that my sister gave me. I forget the name of the shade but I absolutely love it. It's pretty much the perfect consistency as far as a lip gloss goes, not too sticky but just right. Can't really explain it but anyway, I'm not quite sure I would cough up $27 for another one although like I said, I really do love it. hehe.

Lisa Kate said...

Hmm I'm not sure if I could honestly spend this much on a lipgloss, but it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I'm an absolute lip gloss fan too! My most expensive one would have to be a MAC lipglass, or Korres gloss (though it came in a value set so IDK if it counts!). But I'd really love an Aqualumiere Gloss, Candy Glow is stunning! The colours you have are really pretty too =)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Makeup Geisha: Exactly! It's kind of hard to explain the texture, but it's great! Yeah, the last time I bought (with a GC actually) they were $25, not much better but it still hurts to spend over $20 on a lip gloss, even if it is with gift money!

@Lisa Kate: Oh yeah, I bought mine when I had a GC, so not "really" my money, but kinda?

@Marce: Never tried the aqualumiere glosses but something tells me they are great but also spendy!

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