Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go To CVS Now!

Well, it just goes to show, I should write blog posts and not watch reruns of My So Called Life on Hulu.com because none other than the (awesome) lady that reminded me of how much I love(d) My So Called Life posted about this before I had the chance!

Milani cosmetics are Buy 1 get 1 50% off this week and if you go scan your Extracare card at the red scanner thingy, it may just spit out a BOGO Milani cosmetics coupon. I discovered this when I went to CVS on Monday. I was planning on buying the new Liquif Eye Milani eyeliners anyway (especially after seeing the Muse's review), but I'm super glad I made a trip to the scanner.

Not only that, but the cashier took off the more expensive priced product, not the one I was getting 50% off, so I got 2 of the new Milani eyeliners for just under $3.

Go scan your card and see if you get this awesome coupon (you likely will)! And let me know what you pick up!


Y said...

WHOA WHAT?! BOGO miLANI? thanks man. I think that I'll have to check that out now!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Thanks for posting this! I really have been wanting to try their eyeliners, I need to voyage to the better CVS across town to look for these.

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I love MSCL! even though I have the series on dvd I still watch it on hulu almost every night. I had to pay full price for my liquif'eye liner at Wags b/c my cvs sold out, but I did get some blush and cream to powder foundation with that BOGO coupon. I think MSCL is more important than blogging, lol.

Rena said...


Jeweled Thumb, you go to CVS quite a lot...or at least more than I do...LOL

But I did see the BOGO for Milani, but didn't scan my card (since I don't have one yet...but I'm going to soon...hehe...)

<33 Rena

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Y: Go go go!

@Heather: At my CVS they were in the regular display on the sides (where the other liners are. I think they went right to the regular line up as I never saw them in a temporary display!

@MSCL: I'm glad you have my back. =)

@Rena: I'm probably there once a week unless the sales are particularly bad that week. Maybe that's a lot? Just a side note: the coupon is BOGO, the sale is BOGO50% so 25% off or thereabouts. It seems to be the most discounted the brand gets (which I understand given the low price point).

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