Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Update

One of my resolutions was posting on Jeweled Thumb everyday. Obviously I forgot about allergy season and the lengthy exams during the semester that I would have to deal with. This week is midterm week at JT Headquarters which means that I haven't done my nails in a week (they look awful) and I don't have a ton of time to think up awesome and witty posts for you guys. You don't think my posts are witty? OFF WITH YOUR RED HEAD! I also haven't gone to see Alice in Wonderland yet which I am dying to do.
Posts in the works:
- finally a NOTD
- a post about the new skin routine I've recently started (with mini reviews)
- a post (thanks to Jasmine) about a hair product I keep coming back to - though I didn't remember the name!
- any other deals that I think are awesome that present themselves

Thank you for your patience as it's taken me a bit to respond to comments (I do read them all - and they make me happy!).

What's going on in your worlds? In the beauty world?