Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clarisonic Dupe?

I'm subscribed to fewer and fewer magazines every year. Rarely are they useful. I find most of the information on beauty blogs anyway but today I received my Self magazine and flipped to the first page and saw this.

The Clarisonic has been creating a buzz for years but many people are put off by the price. Some choose to go the (slightly) less expensive route and buy the Mia, the Clarisonic's little sister. Others just don't buy and lust from afar.

The ad of course doesn't mention the price for the system but it does include a link to their website which does have the price.
$30?! That's very intriguing. Have you seen this at your local drugstore? I personally haven't but I'm tempted to order to compare it to the original. Thoughts?


Melbournite said...

Wow - for $30 I'd be giving it a try! I do love my clarisonic mia however (& I honestly thought pre purchase it was just another beauty gimmick)so I'l be interested to hear up coming reviews from the blogosphere :)

myolie said...

i am one of those people who cant afford the clarisonic i would love to try this one ^ ^

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