Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifts for Coworkers

There are a lot of great gift guides out there; gifts for her, him, mother, daughter, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife. But what about the gifts for people that aren't the most important to you? The people you probably need to buy something for, but you don't want to spend a lot of money on. Now is not the time to present a coworker whom you may barely speak to with an item that costs a lot of money. Or maybe it is, but I don't have the cash for that sort of thing. So I present you with my personal co-worker gift guide!

Food Stuffs

Chocolate, cake and cookies always go over well. This is especially suggested if you have male coworkers, they do say the way to a man's promotion (?) is through his stomach! Just kidding, boss (don't worry my boss doesn't read Jeweled Thumb)!

Nail Polish

They say the way to a women's heart is a bottle of nail polish (kidding)! But I don't think there's many women out there that would say no to a bottle of nail polish. The ULTA brand usually puts out special holiday colors with silver glitters, gold foils and reds (a plus they are usually on sale for under their $5 retail price through the season). And if you are really thinking of splurging, you can always pick up a few OPI or China Glazes in the holiday colors.

Gift Cards

I know gift cards can cost a lot of money, but even something small like a $5 gift card will be well appreciated by coworkers and not break the bank.

My signature coworker gift is usually a small cosmetic item, nail polish, lip balm or a neutral lipgloss - nothing that you would need to match to skin tone in a bag with loads of different candy in holiday colored wrapping! If I know someone isn't a fan of cosmetics, I'll usually buy a small valued gift card ($5) to a place like Starbucks. Even if they don't drink coffee they can buy all sorts of thing at one of the shops. The safest route is probably some kind of mug or cup filled with candy, pretty inexpensive to buy, easy to make and usually goes over well!

Small festive bags can be gotten at Michales and you can make your own personalized labels with things around the house (ie your computer and some labels). Add some twine or tie a bow with some string and you have something semi-personalized that didn't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

I find the key with gifts for coworkers is not to get too personalized unless you are close. Give similar gifts to the whole office, don't make it look like you are playing favorites! If you have more you'd like to give wait till after office hours to gift!

I hope everyone has a great, non-drama-filled holiday season!


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