Friday, December 24, 2010

Review: Senna Sheer Lipsticks

Some of you may remember I reviewed a Senna lip gloss that I received from Beauty Ticket after winning a twitter giveaway. I wasn't a fan. I'm not a fan of sticky lipglosses. I feel they dry out my lips more and are unpleasant to wear. After posting the review, a representative from Senna contacted me and asked me to try out a few more of their products. I had a look around their website and picked out their tinted moisturizer (review up shortly by the way). The very sweet representative sent me quite a few extra products, their lipsticks being one of them.
I received two of the sheer formula: Brocade (pink) & Exposed (red). These have acquired a permanent spot in my handbag. I love them. They have their faults of course, but all in all, they are a great formula, chic packaging (that stays shut) and flattering colors (a plus they also have SPF of 15).
These lipsticks are sheer and glossy but not too glossy and they can be built up for more opacity. That's reflected in the swatches below.
Left to right we have Exposed applied heavily, 1 swipe of Exposed, Brocade applied heavily and 1 swipe of Brocade. I hope you can see the glossy texture of these. Exposed is a brown-based red, but not too warm, it's kind of like a dusty red. Senna describes it as "Brick". Brocade is a lovely neutral rosey pink which is just a bit brighter than my natural lip color and very appropriate for everyday wear. Senna describes it as "Berry Pink".

Senna's lipsticks retail for $18 which I feel is a little steep, however you can often get their cosmetics on discount sites such as Beauty Ticket.

Besides the price, the only other negative about this lipstick is it tends to have the SPF lipstick smell/taste which is a minor annoyance for me but may bother others more. The vanilla scent is almost completely covered up with eau de lipstick, however it's something I'm willing to ignore due to the fab formula. These are heading straight back into my bag.

Disclosure: These were provided by a representative of Senna Cosmetics. I'm not being paid. All thoughts are my own. I'll most likely be buying more of these with my own cash.


jbrobeck said...

I'm confused! Brocade is beautiful, but I can't find it on their site!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@jbrobeck: It should be here:
They appear to divide the lipsticks up by texture it's "Brocade Sheer". =)

jbrobeck said...

awesome! my eyes must have glazed right over it! thanks!

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