Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JT Wants


My collection is a disaster. I never quite unpacked it and there is stuff all over the freaking place. I do my makeup in my bathroom (bad I know) which is down the hall from the room that I want to store it since there's no proper room in our bedroom and we still haven't even bought a dresser yet (and I want to redo the closet)... anyway.... wahh!

The IKEA Malm? $149 but likely hard to put together.

Something less sturdy, cheaper and easier to put together (and hopefully not as... ahem... colorful?)
$145 at Target but can be gotten more cheaply elsewhere but likely to fall apart after not too long (I'd probably get the 10 bin one which thankfully comes in "smoke" aka gray).
Sterilite bins? Can be gotten everywhere and pretty cheap. Might not last very long. Also, so ugly and utilitarian. Sigh.

If only I weren't indecisive and if only I didn't want something that both looked good and didn't break the bank.

How do you store your makeup?


jbrobeck said...

have you looked at the alex from IKEA? "slightly" cheaper!

Carolanne said...

I have a 10-drawer storage system exactly like the second picture, but not in color, and only one set of the 10 drawers. I got it from Sam's Club for $30!! =]

My Lips But Better said...

I HIGHLY recommend the Ikea Alex mentioned above... on the expensive side and truly a pain to put together, but it only takes 30 minutes and you'll thank yourself later. It's classy looking (as far as cheap furniture goes) and a great size. I had some Helmer drawer units before and I'm so glad I got rid of them... the drawers flopped out all the time because they weren't on runners, whereas the Alex drawers glide easily. Little things like that make a difference to me.

Bonus: the bottom 3 drawers of the Alex unit are tall enough to store nail polish!

Sophia said...

I have something very similar to what you have, but I also have a couple trays in my bathroom drawers. There I can store things like nail polish. Trays can be really cute, and especially if you paint them, they can be really funky.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@jbrobech @MLBB: Ok now I need an Alex! Now to drag DH to IKEA and finagle him to put it together!

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