Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Night Winners!

liloo said...
What a gorgeous giveaway!
Please excuse this second comment.
I have just tried to comment and it crashes while I was trying to post it.
My first choice would be golden goddess and the second would be sugar plum
i follow though twitter and google friend connect
(I live in the UK)

Andi said...
I follow you as Andi on GFC~

and my email is

1st: Golden Goddess
2nd: Snow Sprite

deerest said...
Yay!! :D I'm a follower!

Email: xox.tramieee(@)

1) Golden Goddess
2) Plum Fairy

thanks!! :D

Emily said...
:) My name is Emily.
evruddock at gmail dot com

first choice, Night Elf
second choice, Sugar Plum Fairy

The choices that are bolded are the palettes that you (the winners) will receive! I will be contacting everyone through e-mail. Congratulations to the winners and don't worry, I'm planning another giveaway soon!


liloo said...

omg omg omg omg get in :) Never loved the number 37 so much in my life!
thank you so much chickie xx

deerest said...

HEHEHEH THANK YOU OMG :3 the first blog giveaway I ever won!!! :DDDD

Thanks :]

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