Thursday, December 30, 2010

CVS Sale Update

I stopped by another CVS today after work to check on the sale items and a store that had the majority of their stickers up. Something important first:


The stickers are not always matching up with the sale price. Some items have stickers that aren't on sale. Some stickers have the wrong discount amount on them. 

For instance, the Maybelline Pulse Perfection had a 75% sticker but when I went to check out, it was only 50% off. The Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Raspberry had a 75% off sticker but it was full price! Please check the prices at the scanner or pay attention when you check out so you don't have to go running back to the store to get an adjustment or return.

Now onto the fun stuff!

On the Revlon display, a few colors of various products was on sale 75% off, including Super Lustrous lipglosses in Nude Lustre and Lilac Pastelle (which I hope they aren't discontinuing!), Colorburst lipstick in Lilac and a few odds and ends in the other lip lines. A few of the single eyeshadows and some boring nail polish was on sale as well.
All of the Maybelline sale items were 50% off, including the full color selection of the Dream Mousse Concealer, all the shads of the Dream Matte Powder, the 2 darkest shades of the mineral power concealer, all the Moisture Extreme lipsticks and other bits and pieces of all their lines and of course you already know Pulse Perfection mascara was 50% off as well.
Quite a few L'Oreal products were 75% off as well, including a few from the HIP line including 6 or so eyeshadow duos, all of the Guerlain kohl knockoffs, the brown gel liner and the L'Oreal items that we've seen on sale for quite a few weeks now.

I hope this post was helpful! Just to reiterate, please understand that due to human and most likely computer error, some items that are stickered might not be on sale and pay attention while shopping!

I tweeted all of these pictures as well if you follow me on there, if you don't, you should! I'll be trying to take pictures as the stores around here finish stickering all the displays!


~Lisa said...

I really hope Revlon's lipglosses aren't being discontinued!! Especially Nude Lustre =(

And holy wholly!! WHY such great deals in USA?? In Canada, the biggest sale that I've seen in drugstores are for 50% off. If it was 75% off....people would go crazy. Plus, the prices in USA are already cheaper than here....

I can imagine a huge bargain haul from me when I visit the US one day ^^

Steph said...

Thanks for this information! I can't wait to go back to school, where I have CVS's in my area. :)

deerest said...

Tell ME about it! The Revlon Lipglosses here, I say is about $17+ and the max they'd ever go on sale is 20% LOL :(

Same goes to Maybelline.. the mineral liquid foundation is $16 here :( and max sale wud ever be granted is 20%


Kat said...

Sounds like an amazing sale! The best we ever get in the UK is 3 for 2 offers or a couple of pounds off! If you like Urban Decay enter my Book of Shadows 3 giveaway!
Kat x

Ty'Shonae said...

I really need to go to CVS!! I love when they have this sale. Walgreens is also having some pretty good deals,I got the Rimmel london glam eyes firt mascara for $1.99!

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