Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Hard Candy Hide & Glow: Pillow Talk

The next in my series of the Hard Candy Hide & Glow Cheek Tints is Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk is on the far right on the picture above and contains what look to be two bright pinks, one more of a rosy color with a little shimmer.

As I mentioned in the previous review of In Love, the color of the sticks does not get translated when swatched or worn on the cheeks as they are more sheer and more of a gel.

When swatched, both of the pinks look very similar, though the more fuchsia colored one still looks a tiny bit brighter.

PS I lied, you are going to get pretty swatch collages because they look much better than your random thrown in swatch picture. I hope this doesn't become a habit because they take a lot longer to do than they look!

I reversed the swatches in this one. The more intense color is on the right while the slightly lighter shimmery color is on the left. You can see these pinks are a bit more vibrant than the corals in the In Love shade.

I once again went through my cream blush stash looking for similar colors (which I obviously found since I buy the same freaking colors over and over again).
I excluded the The Body Shop cream blush in the picture above only because it was impossible to hold more than 3 products at a time and have the picture come out decently well!
So here we have:
The Body Shop Cream Blush in Grape reviewed here (that I have been dying to find a dupe of!)
Hard Candy Pillow Talk (shimmery side on left, brighter side on right)
NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Wild Berry (LE)
Models Own Face Paint in Neon Pink reviewed here

Now I did find a dupe of my TBS blush, but I also discovered a dupe I wasn't expecting. You can see that the Hard Candy isn't near a dupe for the NYC stick, however, Models Own Neon Pink is! And the Models Own isn't a limited edition color! So for £5.00 UK-ers can finally get a hold of this color (though I do prefer the stick delivery system) and Americans can get a hold of this product with a CP.

Please read the previous posts in this series for wear, texture, price, etc.