Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Hard Candy @ Walmart

This in-store picture was taken the same time I picked up the Blush Tints. I quickly made a pass through the Christmas aisles, which by-the-way are crazy, at least at my Walmart. For those looking for the Hard Candy nail polish or makeup kits (which I have heard aren't good at all, witness the Muse's review here) the aisles are disorganized and due to the copious amount of people in Walmart any given day, I doubt they have the man power to make sure the aisles look pristine. Anyway, there is no one specific Hard Candy section and I found various Hard Candy sets and kits in each aisle.
You see the little Hard Candy boxes kind of thrown haphazardly around Body Fantasy sets and lip balm? That's how the whole Christmas section is!

If you don't want to shell out $5 for a set, in a completely different row I saw these and quickly picked them up.
For $1 each, you receive a tiny little .14oz bottle of Hard Candy nail polish and a little heart shaped emery board. I only found these 3 colors but there may be others. They also had various eyeshadow sets but after the rather bad review of those, I think I'll skip them.

Any other holiday goodies you've found at your local Walmart?


Kimberly said...

I try to stock up with essentials before Dec so I don't have to go to Walmart! It's bad enough during the rest of the year.

The tiny polishes are cute, though.

Lacey said...

They look so pretty!!! I am trying to avoid shopping until after Christmas-- so then I can hit some post holiday sales :)

Marie. said...

Thanks for this post! I was just complaining about how high the Hard Candy prices are now compared to the 90's lol.

dodo said...

wow, they're so cute! I should make a trip to walmart soon!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kim: Yeah, I usually try to stay away from big box stores around the holidays but I couldn't resist!

@Lacey: See my comment above. I have heard about these and didn't want them to be gone after Xmas. My guess is a lot of these will go on sale or clearance or at least I hope so I can pick up some of the bigger sets!

@Marie: Really? I could swear the prices were more expensive back then when HC was stocked at places like Sephora?

@dodo: Try to go during a "quiet" time. It was a zoo!

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