Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's That Time Again!

CVS Beauty Sale Time!

I stopped by the CVS near work and the Beauty Advisor was right in the middle of putting up the signage and putting stickers on the sale products. By the way, I don't know how you ladies that take pictures in drugstore do it. I don't have the "shutter" sound on my Iphone when the sounds off and I still felt like I was stealing in some way trying to slyly take pictures around the shelves. I didn't get any shelf shots but I will share my (tiny) bit of loot.

Usually CVS will use pink (50%) and green (75%) stickers to denote sale/clearance items. This year it looks like the store I was at decided to go for a peachier theme. Here is the Revlon Age Defying concealer (which I've been wanting to try but not at the ~$10 price!) for 75% off. Around the display there was also a coupon for $1 a Revlon product with the purchase of a Diet Coke and since I was thirsty, well I partook (don't mind the toilet paper purchase)!

From what I could see, there were these signs around the Cover Girl blushes, the Burts Bees display and these Revlon concealers, a couple of the Revlon eyeshadows and some of the rounded baked blushes. She hadn't yet gotten to any of the other displays besides the Revlon one and I did not feel like waiting around. I'll probably head back tomorrow to scoop things out so stay tuned.

As usual, your store is likely to not affix stickers to the products in question long after this sale has officially started so just because things are un-stickered, doesn't mean they aren't on sale! Always check the red box of awesome to be sure. Hopefully I'll have a more comprehensive list tomorrow! Happy shopping!

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AngelicBetrayal said...

I have that concealer and I love it! I wasn't going to buy a backup of it since I've been using it for many months now and there is a ton of product left. But at 75% off I might just go back and get another one.... I can't wait to see the sales at my CVS! Thanks for sharing and I hope you like the concealer :D

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