Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Haus of Gloi Snow Wolf

I've always had a thing for the scent of pipes. My father smoked a pipe that smelt of burning tobacco and vanilla every so often when I was little. He left it out on his desk in his study in the basement and that mixed with the smell of old books was something I remember fondly as a child. After a few scoldings from my mother, I believe he stopped but the smell lingered in my memory.

I've always loved the smell of a warm fireplace billowing smoke from the top that scents the whole neighborhood. You know it's winter when you inhale the fragrant air and see your own breath as you exhale.

A bit later, and a departure from the flowery descriptions, I adored drinking Diet Vanilla Coke. It was as though I could smell all the previous scenes and events in a single sip. I could swear it smelled like my father's pipe.

Now I am drawn to deep warm sweet scents. I adore perfumes with vanilla undertones and the vanilla always gets brought to the top on my skin regardless of where it falls in the scale (sorry that was a little corny).

Anyway, the long and short of it is, this scent is amazing.

It started out very sharp, smoky and a bit harsh but mellows wonderfully into the skin. After it gets absorbed, I swear I smell like my father's pipe, in a good girly way. It is utterly fabulous.

Thank you Haus of Gloi for invoking the past.

PS I bet this would layer beautifully with a perfume like Flowerbomb, or Lempicka Lolita L (one of my very favorites). And I am mad it is LE.


My Lips But Better said...

I'm so glad you like this one! I loved the formula but the scent wasn't nearly so nice on my skin.

I think HoG brings back most/all of the seasonal scents every year, so make this jar last until next November and you can get another one :D

JennXOXO said...

Beautiful scent descriptions. I am fond of cigar smoke because it brings back fond childhood memories for me as well.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@MLBB: Good to know! I won't feel too badly when I run out!

@Jenn: Then you would love this! And thank you. =)

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