Monday, May 10, 2010

Beauty Express Haul

Today was my day off so aside from searching endlessly for Hidden Treasures, which I still haven't found, I drove about an hour to hit up the outlet mall nearby. I stopped at the CCO as well as the Lancome Outlet but nothing really caught my eye. However, I popped into a store called Beauty Express and hit the jackpot!
Each of these Essie polishes were only $2 - actually a few of them range up for $3.20 which is still an awesome deal over the retail price. They all look seem to look exactly the same but I didn't buy any duplicates.
They also had these OPI Suedes for 50% off. I got Ink, You Don't Know Jacques and Russian Navy.
And last but not least, two Essie polishes from one of the new collections: Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise & Caicos each for $7.20 (10% off retail). Apparently, this store discounts all of its full price merchandise, which is awesome, especially since you can't really find Essie at a discount anymore.

And here I was claiming the worst of my polish addiction was over...


PoorCollegeStudent said...

Amazing finds!

Eva said...

wow great haul!! I love essie :)

JennXOXO said...

Wow great prices!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@PCS: Thanks! I was pretty excited when I walked into the store and even better, the SA was super sweet and very patient!

@Eva: I've been liking it even more and since they are famous for their sheers, I figured at $2 it couldn't hurt. =)

@JennXOXO: This is at the Hagerstown outlets if you're ever up that way and I promise I didn't clean them out entirely!

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