Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review: Goldwell Dual Senses Sun Reflects Line

I know I did a separate review for the Leave-In Protect Spray from the Goldwell Dual Senses line, but I thought I would culminate my reviews with this post. As you all know, DH and I took a trip this past week (which was fantastic btw) and drove back home yesterday. Since we were on vacation, which tends to be quite a bit less busy than our normal day-to-day activities, I took the time to review a few products, the rest of the Goldwell Dual Senses line being one of them. Actually, I take that back. I did not do a thorough test and review of the gel from the Dual Senses range. I tested a bit of it, but my mother in law is actually in the process of testing it right now and promised to share her thoughts with me so I could relay the information to you, dear readers.

The gel was a bit of a surprise, actually. It is the only product in the line to have a visible "shimmery shine" that the other products in the line claim. The gel (though I don't have a picture so you'll have to take my word for it) is a sheer orange colored gel with tiny little gold shimmering particles stuck throughout making it appear almost holographic in the tube. It is not sticky: I actually applied a little to my hair and it didn't get the 'crunch' you sometimes get with other gels and if you were to touch the gel, you do not feel any glitter particles in between your fingers. Since MIL's hair is a lovely golden color, it should be even less noticeable. Anyway, there's my little input on it, hopefully she'll send word of her thoughts soon. However, she couldn't stop sniffing the tube that I gave her. Yup, the same lovely citrus smell that is in the rest of the Dual Senses products. Yum!

The two products that I tested out in addition to my leave in spray, which I'm starting to make quite the dent in, are the After-Sun 60sec Treatment (tub) and the Hair & Body Shampoo.

Usually on vacations, I can't take these heavy large liquid products, as flying has considerably limited the products and the space allowed in travel. However, for this trip we drove so I happily brought these containers with us.
First I'm going to talk about the 60 seconds After-Sun Treatment. This is basically a thick "mask" type of conditioner. Again, this has the same fragrance as the other products which I love! I tend to prefer citrus or peppermint type scents with my shower/bath/hair products. Anything too sickly sweet is a real turn off. The directions are to shampoo, wash and then apply this to your hair and leave it in for, yup, you guessed it 60 seconds and wash out. The only issue I had with this product was the delivery system. Having to put your hands in this jar in a shower can get messy real fast, in fact, I managed to cover some of the wall outside the shower with this since I kept it on a ledge away from the water and I like most people, shower without my glasses on and I'm near blind without them! I would have loved if this had some sort of pump on it to prevent water contamination and additional mess. Otherwise, after showering and drying, my hair felt really nice and soft but not weighed down and heavy (a problem I seem to get with other heavy conditioners). I do really like this product but I'm not sure how it will work in day to day use.
The second product was the Hair & Body Shampoo from the same line. Again, love the citrus scent. Love the pop top and LOVE the fact that this is a dual purpose product! So convenient on vacation. Some multi-use products tend to be quite drying on the hair, but since this is a product developed by a hair line, it's actually quite nice. I didn't get the stringy mess I sometimes get with other multi-use products and it left my skin soft and manageable. The only negative for me with this product is that since I generally need to rotate with an anti-dandruff product, this wasn't the only shampoo I used on the trip but it's a nice product, lots of lather, non-drying and a pleasant smell.

There is quite a bit more that I've been wanting to write about (vacation for one!) so stay tuned!

Goldwell products are available at salons nationwide. This particular line is limited edition for summer.

Have you tried any Goldwell products?

Disclosure: I am not a genius when it comes to hair and simply know my own. How yours "reacts" to these product may be different than what I experienced!

Disclosure: The following product(s) were sent to me by a representative of the company for review purposes. They also sent pop rocks which is awesome, however, I will not be reviewing them!