Sunday, May 2, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Miley

Another Zoya that I swapped for. Miley is a sheer milky blueish gray. It kind of reminds of Essie's St Barth Blue but even more milky if that's even possible. Despite the streaks and sheerness, I kind of like this. It's very subtle but just enough and not so Bam! pastel blue as the Essie. This is 2 coats.


Fee said...

Really quite like this, kind of a nice break from all the pastel colours that are around at the moment.

Nice NOTD :)

Fee @


Caitlin said...

I don't have any colors like this, it's so unique! love it xo

PoorCollegeStudent said...

You already got your polish! I thought it would take a while. I sent mine last week.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Fee: That was my thought as well. Not so in your face as all the others. PS Unless another volcano erupts, I'll be sending the mend tomorrow.

@Caitlin: It is unique. I hope it sticks around as long as the other Zoya I've tried.

@PCS: Oh, these weren't swapped for the Earth Day thing! It was swapping with another person on makeupalley! I haven't even selected the polishes I'll be using for the Zoya exchange. =)

lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

This is a really nice colour! :)

Recessionista! said...

I love love love Miley! I bought it recently (their last sale?) and I was surprised that it doesn't get much love with bloggers. SO glad to see you mention it. I think it's one of those hidden gems that more people need to discover. :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@lucie: Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised by this one. =)

@Recessionista: I agree! It's such a cool unique color and it glows at the office. You could always layer over white if you aren't a fan of VNL (I personally don't care but I know a lot of nail bloggers hate it).

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